Accessories for Omeo - Electric Personal Vehicles
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Accessories for Omeo

Loading Ramps


Our loading ramps are light-weight with enhanced safety features that deliver on quality, performance, and cost effectiveness. Folding Arched Ramps are designed for both high and low clearance vehicles. Lock down straps secure ramps to the vehicle, and ramps easily hook together for small wheelbases.

More Facts

Description                           Specification

Model Number:                        LR0101S-18

Capacity:                                    500lbs/222kgs each ramp


Product Size

Unfolded:                                   180×28.5x5cm

Folded:                                        90×28.5x14cm


Price: $115.00 each


Description                           Specification

Model Number:                       LR0101S

Capacity:                                    500lbs/222kgs each ramp


Product Size

Unfolded:                                   225×28.5x5cm

Folded:                                       116×28.5x14cm


Price: $120.00 each



We’ve teamed up with RailBlaza to provide diverse, flexible and user-friendly mounting systems and accessories to the marine, RV and farming sectors internationally, and have proven this commitment by a process of continuous refinement of our product line, and excellent customer service.

Omeo Travel Bag


Travel Cover

There is an Omeo Travel Cover available for the local currency prices set out below.



Contact us if you would like more information or to order one direct. You can also add this to the order of your Omeo in the form below.


Country/Jurisdiction Price in local currency
United States & Canada USD 490
Europe EUR 430
United Kingdom GBP 370
Australia AUD 680
New Zealand NZD 700



Please note:

The price is locked in on acceptance of the order.

We review prices regularly and will update this website with any changes.