Terrain Hopper - Electric Personal Vehicles
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Terrain Hopper



TerrainHopper is an exciting electrically powered off road wheelchair and scooter with distinctive looks and extreme off-road capabilities. Designed to tackle deep mud, dry sand, snow, undergrowth, rocks and loose surfaces and with ground clearance of 250mm some people have called it a “mini Land Rover”.

TerrainHopper is essentially a bespoke piece of equipment. The unique patented suspension system gives a comfortable ride over the most undulating surfaces; such as rocks, steps or kerbs. TerrainHoppers are an excellent option for adventure and outdoor activities for the less abled, who were previously excluded due to difficult terrain.







The Overlander 4Z has the same specifications as the Overlander 4 but has the added advantage of 2 separate electrical systems, one for the front motors and another for the rear.  This has several benefits; increased power for users over 15 stone/95 kg and the assurance of a backup  system should one system fail.

The Overlander 4z is suitable for all users, but especially for those who are tall and whose weight is over 100 kg and below 160 kg).

More Facts



  • 2 x 12V 80 Ah batteries
  • Speed Option 1: 4 mph/8.5 kph
    Geared for extreme off road use
  • Speed Option 2: 8 mph/12 kph
    Geared for moderate less demanding off road use.
  • Choice of five standard colours plus other colour choices
    • Lemon Yellow
    • Lime Green
    • Kawasaki Green
    • Orange
    • Gloss Black
  • All round suspension
  • Side roll bar to open either left or right hand side
  • Mirrors
  • Exmoor Trim seat
  • Lap Belt
  • 4 x 750 watt of peak rate power motors
  • LED Front lights
  • LED Rear lights
  • Indicators
  • Manual steering
  • Choice of smooth or knobbly tyres
  • Security key