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A tilting aluminium all-purpose carrying rack that allows you to carry your golf cruiser, wheelchair, electric scooter or all-terrain vehicle. This Tilt-Carrier will work with a van, car, truck, RV or SUV and requires a 50mm square (Hayman Reese type) tow bar hitch receiver.

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Features and Benefits:


  • Faster, safer & easier to unload than normal trailers.
  • No Bulky trailers to tow or store.
  • No Registration required!
  • Hang it on the wall in the garage.
  • No flat tyres to worry about.
  • No damage to your chair, scooter or golf cruiser due to “Trailer Bounce”.
  • Locking Hitch Pin Padlock to prevent theft of the Rack from the back of the car.
  • Wheel Away Roller system easily allows 1 person to wheel wherever it needs to go when it is not on the car.
  • Solid deck surface will protect your golf cruiser, chair or scooter from the elements.
  •  carrier instead of a trailer.
  • No disassembly of golf cruiser, chair or scooter needed.
  • Fits vehicles with a 50mm square hitch receiver.
  • Extension Deck Ramp pulls out from under the carrier, & stows under in seconds.
  • Aluminum construction will never rust in the outdoor elements.
  • Tilts up vertically when not in use.
  • Deck extends and tilts for easy side loading.
  • No ramps necessary for Utility/SUV loading.
  • Left side mounting for Australian and New Zealand.
  • Registration plate and tail light compliance kits will be available where necessary.
  • Can be used as a general cargo

Motor Cycle Carrier


Transporting your motorcycle/dirt bike has never been easier with the hitch mounted tilt-carrier. It has a loading ramp and an extension built right in so all you do is push the bike up the ramp until the front wheel rests in the adjustable wheel chock and the ramp deck levels out.




  • Solid Aluminium
  • Fits vehicles with 2inch/50mm receivers.
  • Simply deploy the attached extension ramp,
    tilt the rack to ground and load.
  • Locks level for safe transportation.
More Facts

Tilting model:


Model No:                        OT300A
Capacity:                          200lbs/88kg
Ramp Size:                      153 x 17.5cm
Price: $445.00


Model No:                        OT300B
Capacity:                          400lbs/176kg
Ramp Size:                      183 x 17.5cm
Price: $475.00


Model No:                        OT300C
Capacity:                          600lbs/264kg
Ramp Size:                      214 x 17.5cm
Price: $495.00

Non-Tilting model:


Model No:                        OT0301
Capacity:                          450lb/200kg
Ramp Size:                       116x17x4.5cm
Platform Size:                 228x19x5cm

Price: $345.00

Loading Ramps


Our loading ramps are light-weight with enhanced safety features that deliver on quality, performance, and cost effectiveness. Folding Arched Ramps are designed for both high and low clearance vehicles. Lock down straps secure ramps to the vehicle, and ramps easily hook together for small wheelbases.

More Facts

Description                           Specification

Model Number:                        LR0101S-18

Capacity:                                    500lbs/222kgs each ramp


Product Size

Unfolded:                                   180×28.5x5cm

Folded:                                        90×28.5x14cm


Price: $115.00 each

Description                           Specification

Model Number:                       LR0101S

Capacity:                                    500lbs/222kgs each ramp


Product Size

Unfolded:                                   225×28.5x5cm

Folded:                                       116×28.5x14cm


Price: $120.00 each