Air-ROPS - Electric Personal Vehicles
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What is Air-ROPS? Air-ROPS is a solution to protect drivers from rollovers.

In summary, Air-ROPS is a structure made with telescopic bars (vertical and horizontal) that expand automatically in a rollover situation. The expansion of the bars occurs when the vehicle reaches a tilt angle of between 45º and 50º and the rollover is irreversible.

Air-ROPS will certainly have a great impact on reducing the number of fatalities and injuries caused by work equipment rollovers in the thousands of accidents occurred worldwide.

More Facts

It is important to point out that this system does not need the driver to activate it. In other words, the performance of this safety device is fully independent of the driver. The advantages of the Air-Rops system over other previously mentioned are:


  • The extendable rollover protective structure is designed to be fitted in machinery, self-propelled equipment, tractors or similar, to protect its driver in case of overturning and it is characterised by being a “V” shape structure closed at the top, where both vertical sidebars and horizontal top bar are collapsible and expandable.
  • This means an increase of height and width of the structure from the collapsed position to the extended position.
  • The structure has an inclinometer or dual-axis inclination sensor that activates the structure’s inner pressure devices extending the arrangement at a certain vehicle tilt.
  • This structure can be adapted according to the weight and size of the vehicle. Several structures can be installed where needed and all act identically, simultaneously, and automatically.
  • The extendable rollover protective structure may also include optional system failure warning devices and sound and/or luminous warnings that are activated just before overturning, to ensure that the driver becomes aware of a potential rollover.
  • But the most important advantage is that this system does not depend on the operator to activate the security device.
  • This system is not suitable if not fitted with other passive protection devices, such as seatbelts, similar to other existing systems in the market.

The practicality of the Air-Rops system as an automatic protective device represents a challenge to the manufacturers of tractors and agricultural machinery. The challenge to manufacturers is caused by the fact that, at present, tractors (especially those weighing over 3 tones) use these protection structures as part of the cabin’s chassis. In other words, cabins are adapted to the protection structures. In case of a rollover, these cabins are overstressed and can even be deformed. This means they cannot be repaired, and that the whole cabin must be replaced, which is very costly. If tractors or agricultural machinery are fitted post-factory with AIR-ROPS systems, this would result in the following benefits:


  • Easier to manufacture – The installation of Air-Rops according to weight and in convenient places. (Air-Rops are manufactured in four different levels of resistance: up to 500 Kg, up to 1000 Kg, up to 2500 Kg and up to 5000 Kg)
  • Cheaper to manufacture – The installation of the cabins would be independent from the chassis. This means that the cabins could be identical in all models, or even suspended, rotating, and tiltable.
  • Total security for being adaptable – The number of fitted Air-Rops would depend on weight, and it could be possible to increase the number (always installing in points for such purpose, prepared by the manufacturer, and distributed along the tractor chassis) according to the increase of the tractor weight when fitting heavy work implements.
  • Lower repair costs – The repair of an overturned tractor or machine fitted with an AIR-ROPS system, would mean the replacement of the Air-Rops, but not of the rest of the cabin, or other tractor components, which translates into considerably lower costs of tractor maintenance.
  • Lower insurance costs – All this would result in significant savings not only for insurance companies due to reduction of compensations, but also for the insured with tractors and machines fitted with Air-Rops systems because their insurance premiums would be reduced.